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Subject Re: Proper use of <uptodate> (a little off-topic)
Date Wed, 19 Dec 2001 18:04:33 GMT
The use of <condition> becomes tedious, it seems, for lots of conditions and lots of
properties per condition. The <switch> task looks close, but I need to be able to set
multiple properties per <case>:

<switch value="..."> <!--for consistency, "value" should be "property"-->
  <case value="val1">
    <property name="prop1" value="prop1.1" />
    <property name="prop2" value="prop2.1" />
  <case value="val2">
    <property name="prop1" value="prop1.2" />
    <property name="prop2" value="prop2.2" />

Hope that makes sense. At that point, the clarity and length of the .xml file vs. my shell
script is about equal.

If <switch> is enhanced that way, I'd say add it as a core task. :)



>>> 12/19/01 11:51AM >>>
--- DONNIE HALE <> wrote:
> We've only got one target - the .ear file. What we have is four
> different WebLogic "domains" - unit, int, qa, and "arch" (for
> architecture testing, etc.). Each of those imply different directories,
> admin server ports, etc. The shell script has a case statement that sets
> up all this very nicely, and with Ant's current facilities, it's much
> more convoluted. Now if Ant had a <case> task ... :)

I take it you don't think <condition> would do it for you? (I think I
could see it being used, but then, I haven't seen your shell-script.)  But
if you don't think it would, you might want to consider asking Matt Inger
for his <switch> task -- see: 



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