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Subject Re: Proper use of <uptodate> (a little off-topic)
Date Tue, 18 Dec 2001 22:20:50 GMT
1. The migration, while not quite complete, has taken about 1 week. Prior to this, we were
deploying on Tomcat 3.2.x and Inprise AppServer 4.11. Ant has been a huge factor in keeping
this task easy, but I'll also add that WebLogic has been a dream so far (v6.1). This week
includes more than just changing our build procedures. I've installed WebLogic locally and
on our AIX box, set up our application "domain" (in WebLogic lingo), tweaked the startup scripts
for the admin server and managed server, configured the WebLogic connection pools and TxnDataSources,
etc. I also had to create the custom weblogic deployment descriptors.

2. The relative size and complexity isn't significantly different. I reduced the app from
two ant .xml files (one web, one ejb) to a single .xml file. There are new .war and .ear targets.
Ant 1.4.1 has some new things that made some of this easier. I also moved the setup of our
build classpath from our shell script which drives the running of ant to inside the build.xml
file; so our driver shell script essentially just calls "ant" with the three "-D" parameters
that the .xml file needs.

As far as deployment goes, I started down that track using ant. However, we have four different
environments that we can deploy to; and trying to conditionally do the right thing for each
from a single file is more procedural than declarative. Using WebLogic's command-line deployment
tools is just a simple execution of "java" with the right command line. It took about a 25-line
shell script, most of it for checking errors, to get what I wanted in a lot more straightforward
manner than trying to do it in ant. For our NT platform, I've got an ant target that just
does an <exec> on our deploy.cmd file.

Hope that helps,


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From: "DONNIE HALE" <>

>Finally, I just want to say thanks. Ant has been astoundingly helpful this
last week in getting our fairly large >web/ejb-based app to build targeting
WebLogic. While I'm not using the <ejbc> task directly (too complex - >just
using <java>), I've discovered the <ear> and <war> tasks and some of the
special capabilities provided >by <zipfileset>. These are terrific. Our app
builds identically now from a single rules.xml file on either NT or >AIX.
Very much appreciated !!!

out of curiosity

1. how long did the migration take?
2. what is the relative size/complexity of build file versus makefile or
other legacy build tool.

Now that you have the build working, it is time for you to start exploring
what ant provides in deployment...


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