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From "Julian M. Savage" <>
Subject RE: Proper use of <uptodate> (a little off-topic)
Date Tue, 25 Dec 2001 02:32:05 GMT

> For your approach to be most useful, it would be terrific if I
> could ***write*** a property file from ant.

You might want to take some time and sit down and scan through the
documentation ( Ant may not
have the branching logic you were hoping for, but it does have a lot of
useful tasks, including a task for writing out property files (PropertyFile,
an "optional" task). It requires a bit more work than the version you
specify does, but I think it will serve your purposes. If not, you could
modify the PropertyFile task to work more the way you specified.

What I use for adjusting the port numbers in third party property files and
so on is the ability of the Copy task to filter the files as it copies them.
You have to be careful not to filter binary files at the same time as you do
the copy though. Take a look at the documentation for the copy task and the
propertyfile task.


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