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From "David Medinets" <>
Subject Starting and Stoping MySQL Service from Build.xml
Date Thu, 13 Dec 2001 15:17:55 GMT
I'm trying to start and stop the MySQL service from inside my build.xml file
while running on a Windows2000 system.
This the applicable part of my build file:

		<apply executable="c:\winnt\system32\net" timeout="5000"
			<arg line="start mysql"/>
			 <fileset dir="\" />

		<java classname="junit.textui.TestRunner" fork="yes">
			<arg line="com.cordiem.tests.AllTests"/>
			<sysproperty key="target.db.classname" value=""/>
			<sysproperty key="target.db.url"
			<sysproperty key="target.db.username"  value="XXX"/>
			<sysproperty key="target.db.password"  value="XXX"/>
			<classpath refid="cordiemTest.class.path" />

		<apply executable="c:\winnt\system32\net" timeout="5000">
			<arg line="stop mysql"/>
			 <fileset dir="\" />

The fileset seems to be required although I'm not sure what it should be set

When I run this project, the DOS window just sits there...

Any suggestions?

David Medinets, Consultant,

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