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From "Ylan Segal" <>
Subject RE: jar task bug??
Date Thu, 20 Dec 2001 18:39:58 GMT
>  Hi,
> I want to provide a manifest file to the jar task. One of my
> entries in the
> manifest file is a bit long.
> Class-Path: lib/asadfsdfsdfsd.jar lib/rdgdfsghsgsdfgsdfsg.jar
> lib/asrfdsfasfsdaf.jar
> The jar task, puts in new line characters and additional spaces to the
> entry..and this is causing problems.
> So I tried breaking that into multiple entries:
> Class-Path: lib/asadfsdfsdfsd.jar
> Class-Path: lib/rdgdfsghsgsdfgsdfsg.jar
> Class-Path: lib/asrfdsfasfsdaf.jar
> Now, when this manifest file is passed to the jar task, the first two
> entries are lost. And the jar's manifest shows only the third
> entry. Is this
> a bug..and is there some way to make the manifest file retain its
> entries..
I don't think it is a bug.
>From the JAR File Specification, included in the documentation for jdk1.3.1:

(Manifest Specification section: )
If there are multiple individual sections for the same file entry, the
attributes in these sections are merged. If a certain attribute have
different values in different sections, the last one is recognized.

And then there is other interesting stuff:

(Notes on Manifest and Signature Files)
Line length:
No line may be longer than 72 bytes (not characters), in its UTF8-encoded
form. If a value would make the initial line longer than this, it should be
continued on extra lines (each starting with a single SPACE).

So, it looks as if jar task is behaving as it should.

Ylan Segal.

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