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From "Steve Cohen" <>
Subject RE: Off topic question?
Date Fri, 21 Dec 2001 02:26:06 GMT
Yeah, you're right.  That's the solution.  Thanks.  I forgot about that

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	From: Frank E. Weiss 
	Sent: Thu 12/20/2001 6:21 PM 
	To: Ant Users List 
	Subject: Re: Off topic question?

	I think I know what the problem is. If you double click on My
Computer you get
	a window with a list of folders. Then you drill down by double
clicking the
	subfolders till you get to your destination.
	Now try this: right click on My Computer and select Explore. Now
you get a
	two-pane explorer window. You can drill down using the tree in
the left pane.
	This window will not close when you delete the folder. Try and
let me know if
	that works for you. It works for me.
	Steve Cohen wrote:
	> Right, but you have to remember to do go back a level after
you're done
	> looking.  I don't have to keep the window open.  The point is,
it just
	> would be awfully convenient to have the explorer window right
	> Nothing that can't be worked around, of course.
	> I guess it's another case of Microsoft overengineering to
protect the
	> dumb user from himself.  It's too "user-unfriendly" to have an
	> message.  And the case of a user executing a command that
destroys and
	> then recreates a folder isn't worth worrying about.  I guess
we're not
	> the typical users.  Grr.  Oh well.
	> -----Original Message-----
	> From: Frank E. Weiss []
	> Sent: Thursday, December 20, 2001 4:05 PM
	> To: Ant Users List
	> Subject: Re: Off topic question?
	> I doubt you can do this in W2K. Basically, if you delete the
	> (folder)
	> then the explorer viewer is also closed. I don't see why you
have to
	> have
	> that window open. I usually keep explorer open on the desktop.
Or you
	> can
	> keep explorer open one level above the dist folder.
	> BTW, an easy way to reproduce the problem is the type "start
dist" in
	> the
	> same command shell you run ant in.
	> Steve Cohen wrote:
	> > Here's an annoyance of working with ant on Windows 2000.
It's not
	> ant's
	> > fault but I wonder if anyone has a workaround:
	> >
	> > Typically an ant project will have a "dist" directory into
which the
	> > distribution is put.  It will also have a "clean" task which
	> > typically have something like
	> >
	> > <delete dir="dist"/>
	> >
	> > If you look at this directory with Explorer,
	> > and then go do another build with "clean", the dist
directory will be
	> > wiped out and Win2K will conveniently destroy the explorer
window that
	> > was showing it.  If you want to look at it again, you have
to get a
	> new
	> > explorer window with however much drilling-down is
necessary.  A pain.
	> >
	> > Now, I know I could get around this by defining clean to be
	> > <delete>
	> >         <fileset dir = "dist">
	> > </delete>
	> >
	> > But I'd rather not do that if possible.  I'd rather find a
way to tell
	> > Win2K not to destroy explorer windows for non-existent
	> I'm
	> > willing to take the hit of an error message if I attempt to
access it
	> > before ant can recreate it.
	> >
	> > Does anyone know how to do this?
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