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From "Baldry, Scot M" <>
Subject ejbjar with ANT 1.3
Date Mon, 17 Dec 2001 16:10:39 GMT

I am having trouble including specific files using the 'ejbjar' optional
task. I basically want my EJB Jar to include some custom meta-data that I
create for every package in my system - the file is called Version.

Here is my task definition:

    <!-- General target to build an EJB jar from all classes in the current
project -->
    <target name="core.ejb" description="Create ejb JAR file">    
        <echo message="Attempting to ejbc [${this.package}]" />
        <mkdir dir="${}" />
        <ejbjar descriptordir="." srcdir="${}"
destdir="${}" flatdestdir="true">
            <weblogic destdir="${}" newCMP="true">
                <classpath refid="ejbc.weblogic.classpath"/>
		<include name="**/Version"/>
            <include name="**/*-ejb-jar.xml"/>
            <exclude name="**/*weblogic*.xml"/>

Basically the "Version" file never gets added to the final jar - does anyone
know if it is possible to include specific sets of files in the final jar?

Many Thanks


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