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From "Jepp, Daniel" <>
Subject RE: ejbjar and issues with class loading?
Date Tue, 11 Dec 2001 16:22:56 GMT
Hi Ryan,

I just wondered if you managed to solve the Ant ejbjar problem that you had?
I am surrering from exactly the same problem

Heres my target:

<target name="ejb" description="Builds the EJB's" depends="compile">
    <ejbjar srcdir="${classes}" descriptordir="${src}" destdir="${build}"
      <include name="**/*-ejb-jar.xml"/> 
      <exclude name="**/weblogic*.xml"/>
      <weblogic destdir="${build}">
        <classpath refid="classpath"/>
      <dtd publicId="-//Sun Microsystems, Inc.//DTD Enterprise JavaBeans
2.0//EN" location="ejb-jar_2_0.dtd"/>
      <dtd publicId="-//BEA Systems, Inc.//DTD WebLogic 6.0.0 EJB//EN"

where the classpath i have set up as a property is simply all the compiled
source, plus the j2ee.jar and weblogic.jar.

This works fine but i get the warnings you mentioned with regard to having
the ejb interfaces on the classpath. I have tried using the <wlclasspath>
element and just placing the weblogic.jar on it but then i get the 'could
not load superclases' error. I have even tried the following classpath to
pass to <wlclasspath>

<path id="ejbcClasspath">
     <path refid="libs"/>
      <fileset dir="${classes}">
      	<include name="**/*.*"/>
        <exclude name="${ejb}/**.*"/>

which hopefully is all the source with the exception of the ejb packages
(which of course contain the ejb interfaces that ejbc complains about) but
this was no help either as any dependencies cannot the be found....

This is my last resort before i send the 'nowarn' flag to ejbc....

Any help much appreciated


Dan Jepp
Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein 	
* Voice: +44 (0) 20 7475 1005	

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