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From "Mallampati, Suresh" <>
Subject RE: jar task bug?? It is..
Date Thu, 20 Dec 2001 21:59:52 GMT
Yup, there were inconsistencies, which were fixed in jdk1.3. Now, there
arent any. Anyways, can you please tell me if these changes will be part of
the next version of Ant, i.e., Ant1.4.2 or something. I am not sure what
1.5Alpha means, will the next version be 1.5 and such..
And though it might not seem important, but you said that this is a special
treatment intended only for Class-Path attribute. Though the other main
section attributes might not be of more length, but wont it be like "not
following the JAR Specification" if other "main section" attributes are not
offered the same treatment..


-----Original Message-----
From: Magesh Umasankar []
Sent: Thursday, December 20, 2001 1:12 PM
To: Ant Users List
Subject: RE: jar task bug?? It is..

Ant 1.5Alpha has the necessary fix to allow multiple
Class-Path attributes to exist in the Manifest file.
The Jar Specification and Manifest Specification by Sun
are inconsistent.  These links will show the

The PR that was closed by this fix is at:

Hope this helps.  Please note that Ant treats Class-Path 
alone as a special case.


On Fri, 21 Dec 2001 Mallampati, Suresh wrote :
> Hi,
> According to the java spec, the manifest entry has two 
> parts: the main
> section and the file section. The class-path entry is 
> part of the main
> section. And the snippets you guys have attached is for 
> file entries
> section.
> Name: fileName
> entry: com
> entry : com/mypackage
> In this case, the first entry is ignored. But according 
> to the spec, this is
> not the desired behavior for Main section entries. So 
> this infact is a bug.
> If you guys have any questions regarding this, please 
> refer to the java
> tutorial on extension mechansim.
> oad.html
> <snips from jar file spec>
> 1. A JAR file manifest consists of a "main section" 
> followed by a list of
> sections for individual "JAR file entries", each 
> separated by a newline.
> Both the main section and individual sections follow 
> the section syntax
> specified above. They each have their own specific 
> restrictions and rules. 
> 2. If there are multiple individual sections for the 
> same file entry, the
> attributes in these sections are merged. If a certain 
> attribute have
> different values in different sections, the last one is 
> recognized. 
> NOTE**: this refers to file entries and not main 
> entries..
> <snips from jar file specs>
> 	Please let me know your comments on this
> Thanks
> -Suresh


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