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From "Jens v.P." <>
Subject Re[2]: Why are there paths and filesets?
Date Tue, 18 Dec 2001 11:46:39 GMT
Hello Erik,

Tuesday, December 18, 2001, 12:07:42 PM, you wrote:

EH> A path is an ordered list of files or directories.

EH> A fileset is a rooted, from a single directory, collection (order
EH> unspecified) of files.

  So the difference between path and fileset is that the first is
ordered and the latter is unordered?

EH> You can define a fileset and give it an id, and re-use it inside a defined
EH> path:

EH> <fileset dir="some/directory" id="my.files"/>

EH> <path id="my.path">
EH>   <fileset refid="my.files"/>
EH> </path>

  Yes... thank you.. I didn't see that possiblity...
But, is there a way to re-use a path inside a fileset?

  I think using a fileset inside a path is a bad way, because the
special quality of a path, perserving the order, is lost by defining a
path using a fileset.
  Using it vice versa, that is define a fileset using a path, doesn't
have this disadvantage. BTW, in my example, defining path and fileset
using a property, the order information is not lost in the path.

EH> So, no need to define anything twice and we'd all be complaining more if
EH> this reusability was not available!  :)

  I will agree if there's a way to define a fileset using a path.

Best regards,

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