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From "Beacock Andrew (NMP/Boston)" <>
Subject RE: javadoc packagenames="*"
Date Wed, 12 Dec 2001 19:36:06 GMT

Just change the packagenames attribute to use the '**' pattern, so that
it matches multiple directory levels. My JavaDoc target reads as:

    <!-- javadoc -->
    <target name="javadoc"
            depends="init, info"
            description="generate the JavaDoc">
        <javadoc packagenames="**/*.*"
                 bottom="Copyright 2001 ${}. All Rights
            <classpath refid=""/>

This will produce JavaDoc for any package/directory tree that it finds
in the ${src} directory.

I have just run some tests and it seems that if you try to use just
"**", "**/*.java" or "**/*.class", Ant just passes the packagenames
value straight to javadoc, but if you use either "**.*" or "**/*.*" it
does some package name building first and then passes the resultant
package names to javadoc (try running the above javadoc target with
-verbose set, "ant -verbose javadoc")

Strange... ;)


Andrew Beacock
Senior Software Engineer/Project Lead
Nokia Mobile Phones

> I'm looking for a way to call javadoc wihtput specifiying any package.
> Ant's javadoc task support wildcard in the packagenames attribute,
> like packagenames="com.*".
> But I don't want to specify any packagenames, even not the root
> one. I've got a common project directory structure with one source
> directory. What I want is javadoc to generate the API help for all of
> my source files. And - how can I specify classes which are not part of
> any package? Is there a special root-package symbol I can use?
> The problem is that the javadoc task doesn't support a
>     packagename="*"
> attribute setting.
> My xml looks like this:
> <target name="javadoc" description="generates javadoc in 
> ${doc}/javadoc">
> <mkdir dir="${javadoc}"/>
> <javadoc packagenames="*" sourcepath="${src}" destdir="${javadoc}">
> <classpath>
>   <pathelement path="${classes}"/>
>   <path refid="lib.classpath" />
> </classpath>
> </javadoc>
> </target>
> This doesn't work. Could anyone help me? The goal is to create a very
> generic build.xml which is working on a default file structure.
> jens
> -- 
> Best regards,
>  Jens                
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