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From Dirk Weigenand <>
Subject Tagging a release using cvs task
Date Wed, 19 Dec 2001 14:14:54 GMT
Hello List,

i try to tag a release using the cvs task in the following target:

<target name="build" depends="prepare" >
  <!-- get the latest source of the tip -->
    <cvs command="update -d -A" />

  <!-- do a clean rebuild -->
    <antcall target="rebuild" />

  <!-- Oh it compiles so let's ship it... -->

  <!-- update some properties used to identify this particular release
    <propertyfile file="src/de/invers/kalkulator/">
      <entry key="invers.kalkulator.version-date" type="date"
						 pattern="dd.MM.yyyy" />
      <entry key="invers.kalkulator.buildno" type="int" operation="+"
						 default="0" />

<!-- pull in the properties so we can use to tag the release -->
  <property file="src/de/invers/kalkulator/" />

<!-- commit the just updated properties to CVS so they are included in
the release -->	
  <cvs command="commit -m 'Commit f&#252;r Release-build am
${TODAY_DE}'" />

<!-- Build up the release tag from our just updated properties (replaced
here by the string
     SOME_LONGISH_RELEASE_TAG for brevity). It's well formed regarding
CVS's expectations
     regarding release tags. -->
  <property name="release.tag"

<!-- Now comes the culprit: I seem not be able to meet my goal using the
cvs task with
     the following incantation. If i pulled the property ${release.tag}
into the value
     of the command property it would be passed unchanged (i.e. not
expanded to cvs, wich
     would complain (justly so) about a not well formed release tag,
i.e. no $-sign etc.
  <cvs command="tag" tag="${release.tag}" />

<!-- Do an update with the release tag (not strictly necessary?) -->
  <cvs command="update -d -A" tag="${release.tag}" />

So the question is probably is what i outlined above possible with the
CVS task or do i 
have to resort to <apply/>.

Or am i completely missing something??

Anny comments are appreciated.

Dirk Weigenand            
SMB GmbH                             

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