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From Michael Brailsford <>
Subject trouble building with ant 1.4.1
Date Thu, 20 Dec 2001 05:34:03 GMT
I am not sure if these questions should be redirected to other mailing
lists, but today I upgraded to ant 1.4.1 from ant 1.3.  I use vim as my
editor, and I am accustomed to using vim's ":make" command to build my
sources.  Everything worked fine with v1.3, but I switched to v1.4.1 and
now I cannot use vim's ":make" command to build.  The command that vim
attempts is "ant -find build.xml" the result that is displayed is that
the build.xml file was found, but apart from that nothing else is done,
none of the targets are run.  However, I am able to build just fine from the
command line with the exact same command.  I am not sure if this is a
vim issue, or an ant issue.  I did not change anything within vim at
all, the only thing that changed is the version of ant that I am using.
That is why I do not know if the error is with vim or ant.

Also, when attempting to use the <junit> task a
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundException is thrown unless I set the "fork"
attribute to "on".  Is that a question for the junit project?  And has
anybody else experienced the same problem?

Thank you for an excellent product.  I have workarounds for now, but I
would appreciate any comments or suggestions that any of you might have.

-Michael Brailsford

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