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From Diane Holt <>
Subject Re: some new ant user questions
Date Thu, 13 Dec 2001 18:51:49 GMT
--- "Mark D. Anderson" <> wrote:
> i'd rather just have one build.xml file at the top of my src tree, and
> use the ant feature to walk up the tree looking for it.
> then wherever i am in the tree i'd like a command that just builds the
> current subtree, even though it would be default walk to the top, then
> interpret "." as meaning the top, not cwd. so my desiderata are:
> - one build.xml at the top
> - a shell command to just build in the cwd
> - a shell command to build the whole tree

Use -find to run the buildfile at the top of the tree. If you always want
to use it, you can set it in ANT_ARGS, if you pick up the latest bin
scripts from CVS -- just be sure to also include the buildfile name, even
if it's build.xml, since -find expects any arg that follows it to be the
name of the buildfile (a bug, IMO -- I don't think -find should have
anything to do with the buildfile name).

If you want "basedir" to be equal to your cwd, set it on the command-line
(eg., 'ant -Dbasedir=$PWD -find').

> that describes some syntax, but has no recipes, and no discussion of
> getting a conditional effect.
> although i don't think i want to use "<condition>".
> i think what i want can be achieved by including an external xml file
> named after the
> current machine name (or named after a command line -D which i might
> supply).

What is it you're trying to achieve?



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