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From "Robert J. Clark" <>
Subject Re: Starting and Stoping MySQL Service from Build.xml
Date Thu, 13 Dec 2001 23:07:58 GMT
On Thu, 13 Dec 2001 10:27:57 -0500
"David Medinets" <> wrote:

> I hate when I send a message for help and then move farther towards a
> solution...It's as if the act of asking for help forces me to think of new
> things to try. In any case, by moving the location of the exe into the
> fileset, I've moved farther:
> 		<apply executable="net" timeout="5000" failonerror="yes">
> 			<arg line="START mysql"/>
> 			<fileset dir="c:\winnt\system32" />
> 		</apply>
> produces:
>     [apply] The syntax of this command is:
>     [apply]
>     [apply]
>     [apply] NET START [service]
>     [apply]

First of all, is there some reason you are using <apply> instead of 

Secondly, try:

    <arg value="START"/>
    <arg value="mysql"/>

instead of 

    <arg line="START mysql"/>

>From the Ant "Exec" documentation:
Note: Although it may work for you to specify arguments using 
a simple arg-element and separate them by spaces it may fail if you switch 
to a newer version of the JDK. JDK < 1.2 will pass these as separate 
arguments to the program you are calling, JDK >= 1.2 will pass them as a 
single argument and cause most calls to fail.

- Rob

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