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From "Jens v.P." <>
Subject rmic and sourcebase (bug?)
Date Mon, 17 Dec 2001 12:37:47 GMT
Hello Ant Users,

  I've got a little problem with the rmic task: The sourcebase
attribute is not working as expected.

  Example set up:
- class foo, foo.class somewhere in classpath
- build.xml fragment

<target name="rmic">
  <mkdir dir="${build.classes}" />
  <mkdir dir="${build.src}"/>

  <rmic base="${build.classes}" stubversion="1.2"
      <pathelement path="${build.classes}"/>
      <path refid="lib.path"/>

  What I expect rmic to do is the following:
  1) create ${build.classes}/
  2) compile it to ${build.classes}/foo_stub.class
  3) copy (move) to ${}/foo_stub.class

  1) and 2) are working perfectly well - but 3) is not executed
successfully. Using "-verbose", the following error message *) is printed

C:\...\build.xml:84: Failed to copy C:\...\build\classes\
 to C:\...\build\src\
 due to C:\...\build\classes\ (Das System kann die angegebene Datei nicht finden)
     (trans: file not found)
 --- Nested Exception --- C:\...\build\classes\
                               (file not found)
  *) I've truncated the error message to make it better readable.
  Is this a bug? I assume has to be copied, _not_ Of course is _not_ found in .../build/classes, it's
a source file which doesn't matter here because it was compiled

  I found another message in this mailinglist (without an answer) by
Shankar Unni who found the same error but interpreted it different. He

> But it looks like *some* of the compile list files are NOT generated (for
> some reason, <rmic> seems to want to recompile the original source file for
> the class I'm rmic'ing).

He also wrote that it was working with ANT version 1.3, I'm using
"Ant version 1.4.1 compiled on October 11 2001".

Of course I can implement the same workaround as Shankar used: simply
copy the generated java sources using the copy task... but this is
just a workaround...

Best regards,

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