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From "Erik Hatcher" <>
Subject Re: junit specify system properties
Date Thu, 27 Dec 2001 02:13:23 GMT
As I've mentioned to you in private mail, you're example is way too
convoluted to make much sense out of it.  Please try and simplify it down to
a barebones test case that gets a property from System.getProperty and uses
that as a filename.  Create a contrived example that will eliminate all your
domain specific property names and post what you have back for us if you
still have issues.

Typically the act of creating a contrived working example will shed light on
the actual problem though.

More comments below....

>       <sysproperty key=""
> value=""/>

Ok, so you've got this set and being fed into JUnit...

> i have a file that has teh following line:
> minitest QUESTIONFILE_minimetanet questionfile 1

Ok, again we're getting convoluted here... simplify!

> here is the output:
> which are parameters that i pass in for my unit test.
>     [junit] Running cp_test.system.TestSubmitQueryMThread
>     [junit] Executing:
> p:\thirdparty\win32\runnable\jdk\13\jre\..\bin\java.exe -
> file

Ok, you can clearly see that your property is being sent into Ant's

>     [junit] TEST cp_test.system.TestSubmitQueryMThread FAILED

So the failure is in your test case from what your output is showing.
Without seeing those details (and we don't need to see them if you create a
trivial example showing the problem) we can't tell why its failing.


And *never ever* let a build finish successfully if tests failed!!!!!  :))


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