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From "Damian Wiest" <>
Subject Re: Not enough space
Date Fri, 16 Nov 2001 15:57:29 GMT
You're most likely running out of swap space; a good rule of thumb is to allocate 2x the amount
of RAM you have.  You should be able to add an additional swap file on the fly in most(?)
UNIX variants rather than being forced to create another swap filesystem.

If you do already have plenty of swap space, you may want to examine your classpath; I believe
there was a message on the list a week or so ago from someone who was having problems with
/tmp filling because of this.



>>> Hélène JOANIN <> 11/16/01 07:39AM >>>

I'm a new user of Ant and I need advice to be able to correct my problem.
I use the Ant version 1.4.1.
I have writen an Ant build file to build my product.
The building works fine on a machine which have 512M memory.

But I have the following error: Not enough space
when I try to build my product on a machine which have 256M memory.

However, on this machine, I am able to fully build my product by calling several
times ant
(without cleaning my building environment).


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