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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: Installing Ant 1.4.1
Date Thu, 08 Nov 2001 07:28:31 GMT
On Wed, 7 Nov 2001, Gin Chen <> wrote:

> Hi all, I just downloaded ant 1.4.1 and I'm having ALOT of problems
> with the install. It seems like most of the lib files that it uses
> are outdated.

Strange - the only lib Ant needs to get installed is JAXP - and Ant
1.4.1 comes with the latest release of it (well, almost, there is a
newer in Crimson 1.1.3).

>     [javac] symbol  : class Engine
>     [javac] location: package cocoon
>     [javac] import org.apache.cocoon.Engine;

There is no class Engine in Ant, and I'm not aware of any Ant task
that uses Coccon.

> 	I assume that the first one is because I'm using Cocoon2
> 	instead of Cocoon 1.7.3 like the install asks.

Which install?  Ant's installation instructions do not talk about
Cocoon at all.

>     [javac]     C:\XMLJ2EE\src\test\valtech\bootcamp\carRental\business\customer\impl\
package junit.util does not exist

This certainly is not an Ant class.

> 	But the second one, I downloaded junit.jar from the junit site
> 	like they asked but there is no such package as junit.util.

I just had a look into JUnit's CVS tree
there is no junit.util and apparently has never been.  You better talk
to the author of the above file.


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