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From Rolf Katzenberger <>
Subject Re: Fileset in Win2k with files from different drives?
Date Wed, 21 Nov 2001 14:31:57 GMT

On Tue, 20 Nov 2001 16:24:19 -0800, "Skip Hovsmith"
<> wrote:

>How does one specify a <fileset> containing files from different drives on
>Something like
>  <fileset dir="/" includes="c:/file1.txt,d:/file2.txt"/>
>doesn't seem to work, "/" seems to refer to the root directory of the
>current drive instead of the root of all drives.
>What I actually want to do is to copy a comma separated list of external jar
>files into a single directory. I was going to use <copy> with the flatten
>attribute, but I can't get a fileset to include files from different drives.
>Is there a better way?

If these are files on *local* drives, you can use junctions (W2k
equivalent of symbolic links) to root the directories from different
drives in a single "virtual" directory. See

(Junction tool) for a binary to create "symbolic links" under W2K.

Hope this helps,

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