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From "Barry Kaplan" <>
Subject XSLTProcessor & using xsl file from jar file
Date Sun, 18 Nov 2001 21:52:39 GMT
I have a [java] task needs to use XSLTProcessor (ie, <style>). My xsl file
is in the jar file with the task. All the other file-like parameters to
<style> are of type File, except the xsl-file. XSLTProcessor.execute()

  File stylesheet = project.resolveFile(xslFile);

This does not seem to handle Url correctly. For example, the value of
xslFile might be:


But the result of resolveFile returns:


So, what does one generally do in the ant world?
a) Forget about using <style> and roll my own xslt code?
b) Refactor XSLProcessor to accept a File argument for the xsl parameter (to
be consistent
   with all its other file-like arguments)?
c) Refactor Project.resolveFile() to handle URLs correctly?
d) Something else?

If either b) or c), what will it take to get the changes rolled back into
ant proper?

Barry Kaplan

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