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From "Lyle Johnson" <>
Subject "Unable to delete file" with Ant 1.4.1
Date Fri, 09 Nov 2001 22:43:43 GMT
We've recently upgraded from Ant 1.3 to Ant 1.4.1 and have started seeing
that the "delete" task can fail to delete files that should be deleteable:

	C:\>ant clean
	Buildfile: build.xml

	   [delete] Deleting: C:\src\bioinfo\biocore\dist\biocore.jar


	c:\src\bioinfo\biocore\build.xml:31: Unable to delete file

I've seen several references to this bug in the mailing list archives, so
it's not just me ;) The conclusion seems to be that there is an errant Ant
task that's not releasing its lock on the file and this causes the delete to
fail. Has any progress been made in tracking this one down?

J. Lyle Johnson
Principal Software Engineer
Bioinformatics Department
ResGen, Invitrogen Corporation
2130 S. Memorial Parkway
Huntsville, Alabama 35801
(800) 533-4363 x74430

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