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From "Michael Remme" <>
Subject AW: class.forName()
Date Mon, 19 Nov 2001 13:06:17 GMT
At least i got it and - shame on me - the error wasn't in ant but in my
build-file, where i am using an external property-file, where inside i
defined a property by using double-quotes :-(

> > the taskdef, where i am having the problem is quite complex and is
> > using several own libs.
> The most common reason for classloader problems with taskdefs is that
> the task implementing class itself can be loaded from the system
> classloader while the support libraries can not.  People who want to
> do "smart" things with <junit> or <style> (i.e. don't put JUnit or
> Xalan into the CLASSPATH) face this all the time.
> Ant's classloader is a "good" classloader in that it behaves the way
> Sun tells us to write classloaders - it asks its parent loader (the
> system loader in the most common case) first to load a class.
> Everything you have in your CLASSPATH or in ANT_HOME/lib will end up
> in your system classloader when you run Ant.  If your task
> implementation can be loaded via this classloader, it *will* be loaded
> via this classloader, no matter what.  If this task now needs a class
> from a library that is not in your classpath, it won't find it (as the
> classloader used to load your task doesn't know about these
> libraries).
> >> > D-41061 Mönchengladbach
> >>
> >> Funny, we are almost neighbors.
> >
> > Where are you from?
> I live in Mönchengladbach and work in Cologne, but we better take this
> off-list 8-)
> Stefan
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