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From Stephane Bailliez <>
Subject RE: XSLTProcessor & using xsl file from jar file
Date Mon, 19 Nov 2001 08:56:17 GMT
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Barry Kaplan []
> c:\somewhere\jar:file:\c:\somewhere\myjar.jar!\com\abwg\tools\
> ant\ConvertToJ
> builder.xsl
> So, what does one generally do in the ant world?
> a) Forget about using <style> and roll my own xslt code?
> b) Refactor XSLProcessor to accept a File argument for the 
> xsl parameter (to
> be consistent
>    with all its other file-like arguments)?
> c) Refactor Project.resolveFile() to handle URLs correctly?
> d) Something else?

<style> tasks support only 'files', not url.

I have had enough problems with parsers and processors when I did this for
Ant 1.4.x.
Roughly, xerces was failing when passing a File object, crimson was failing
with file:// (as expected, depending in the platform), xalan was being very
nice in some places and not in others and JAXP was on top of this to break
things with systemids. See archives in ant-dev, ant-user, and xalan-dev for
more info.

When you start to have so much troubles with different versions, you have
either 2 choices: suicide or keep it simple and straight.

There has been a systemid cleaning in Xalan 2.2.x to be consistent, so this
should be better now.

> If either b) or c), what will it take to get the changes 
> rolled back into ant proper?

mm.. a patch ? :-)


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