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From "Harvey, John" <>
Subject RE: VSSGET and labeling...
Date Thu, 29 Nov 2001 20:31:26 GMT
This is more of a VSS question than an ant question.  Nevertheless, which
version of VSS are you using?  The problem is that if you create two labels
separately, even if they have the same name, they won't be the same label
item.  Your best bet is to use a previous build and alter the files you've
updated to use this older build label.  Note that you can only do this in
VSS 6.0, not in 5.0 or earlier.

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From: Andrew Close []
Sent: Thursday, November 29, 2001 3:22 PM
To: Ant Users List
Subject: VSSGET and labeling...

hello all

i'm attempting to get my ant script to check out
labeled files from VSS and i'm having a couple of
problems. :)  if i label individual files in my
project '2.0' and then try to get '2.0' from VSS i get
the following error:

     [echo] Extracting Label: 2.0 from VSS...
   [vssget] Set D:\Development\Build\Marketing as the
default folder for project
   [vssget] Version not found


D:\DEVELO~1\MARKET~1\build.xml:43: Failed executing:
"D:\Program Files\Microsoft
 Visual Studio\VSS\\win32\ss" Get $/MKTG
-GLD:\Development\Build\Marketing -I- -
R -VL2.0 "-YLocalBuild, LocalBuild"

but if i label the project root '2.0' and thus label
each file(the latest version of the file) in the
project '2.0', my ant script works fine.  however, i
don't want the latest version of each file to be
labeled '2.0'.  we have added files, made changes,
etc. and want to release things that work(no runtime
errors) from a couple of days ago.  the VSS help is
pretty sparse on checking out labeled files from the
command line and how to label them.

attached is the ant script we're attempting to use.
thanks for any help.


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