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From "Beacock Andrew (NMP/Boston)" <>
Subject RE: including support files in ejbjar task
Date Fri, 16 Nov 2001 18:19:30 GMT

> I'm having a problem including files in a generic ejbjar task.
> The problem is, the <support> tag is including all the .xmi files from
> the descriptors in the generic-ejb.jar when all I want is the two
files that
> accompany each ejb-jar.xml.

I don't quite understand what you are trying to do, is your problem that
you have a bunch of directories under descripts for each EJB, and you
are saying that all the .xmi files in ANY EJB directory are ending up in
each JAR?

I'm not an expert with Ant but I am thinking as well that if you want to
do anything other than create vanilla EJBs (i.e. only with a
and ejb-jar.xml) then you will have to do it elsewhere.  The <support>
nested element says "Note 
that when ejbjar generates more than one jar file, the support files are
added to each one."

I have been playing around with the foreach task by Tim Vernum
( (this is
where I got it from, I know the server is done at the moment, you could
email me and I'll send them to you if you want) which allows you to run
a target for each file or directry found matching the supplied patterns.

I have been using this to browse through as bunch of subdirectories
looking for the key directory names such as jar, ear, war, etc and then
calling Ant within each of them.  You could do it this way to make your
EJBs, but not have to put all the bean names in your master Ant script,
just put the specifics in the Ant scripts in each of the specific

Hope this helps ;)


Andrew Beacock
Senior Software Engineer/Project Lead
Nokia Mobile Phones

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