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From Bruce Atherton <>
Subject ZipSource error and weblogic.home with <weblogic> task
Date Wed, 21 Nov 2001 21:36:13 GMT
I've got a problem where I need to set a property on the JVM that runs the 
weblogic.ejbc compile portion of the ejbjar task, and I need to know how 
that can be done, or whether I need to submit a patch for this.

First, let me describe the problem I've been having.

I am running an Ant build on a machine which does not have Weblogic 
installed, although it will be deployed on machines that have it. When I 
create my EJBs in this build, it works for all except the Container Managed 
Persistence beans. These generate the output:

    [ejbjar] building MyEJB.jar with 7 files
      [ejbc] ERROR: Error from ejbc: weblogic.boot.ZipSource
      [ejbc] ERROR: ejbc found errors

After spending many hours hashing it out with BEA tech support, it turned 
out the problem was that the CMP beans require the 
${weblogic.home}/lib/persistence/weblogic_rdbms.jar classes to be loaded by 
weblogic.ejbc. Trouble is, the classes are not loaded from the classpath 
like any sensible program would do, but from the specific file 

I verified that this was indeed the problem by creating the lib/persistence 
directory structure with the JAR file in it, and manually running "java 
-Dweblogic.home=/my/dummy/dir weblogic.ejbc -compiler javac 
MyEJB-generic.jar MyEJB.jar". Sure enough, everything worked.

So I tried to pass the weblogic.home property to the JVM of the <weblogic> 
task. First I tried setting the weblogic.home property in build.xml, no 
dice. Then I tried passing "-Dweblogic.home=/my/dummy/directory" in the ant 
shellscript. Nada. I created environmental variables "WEBLOGIC_HOME" and 
"WL_HOME". No can do.

Then I checked the documentation on the EJB tasks. Neither <ejbc>, 
<ejbjar>, or <weblogic> allows you to pass arguments in to the JVM. 
<weblogic> has an args attribute, but that is for passing arguments to the 
weblogic.ejbc program itself, not the JVM instance which runs it.

So now I am turning to you, fellow list members. Is there a way to do this, 
or do I need to write a patch to Ant? This behaviour has bitten a few 
people in the past, according to Google Groups and this mailing list's 
archive, so if it is not possible to set "weblogic.home", at least in the 
<weblogic> task, it should probably be considered a bug in Ant (although an 
obscure one) and fixed.

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