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From "Russ Freeman" <>
Subject RE: Java components, global properties and antcall
Date Thu, 08 Nov 2001 09:56:00 GMT
(Actually when I said <antcall>, I meant <ant> ! )

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From: Russ Freeman []
Sent: 08 November 2001 09:45
Subject: Java components, global properties and antcall

I've done quite a bit of searching so far but not found a definition answer
so I will post here...

(I am using 1.3 until I have good reason to move to 1.4.)

I have adopted an approach where each of my java components has its own
build script and the end result of the build is the java code jar'd up and
ready for use by an application assembly or another component compile.

Of course these components may depend on other components and this entails
using <antcall> to call these sub-component build scripts via a "depends"

This is all fine apart from the fact that property definitions are global.
When the sub build is called the properties in the calling script override
the properties in the called script. Thus the called script is broken
because it has property definitions called the same.

Now I've noticed in 1.4 you can set a doNotInherit flag on the antcall which
I assume will fix the problem. Is this the reason why this feature was added
to 1.4 or am I doing something basically wrong?

I'm surprised other people haven't had this problem. As an aside, I think
global properties are very dangerous in the same way globals in a program

Russ Freeman
Delta 603, Swindon, UK, SN5 7XF
Tel: +44 (0) 1793 509 117

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