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From Michael J McGonagle <>
Subject Re: Newbie Questions
Date Wed, 21 Nov 2001 22:14:48 GMT
James Bullington wrote:
> Ant is the standard build system for BEA Weblogic 6.1.
> One way, if you understand J2EE, is to get a demo copy from BEA and
> take a look at the examples.  There are lots of examples of build
> scripts to choose from.

Thanks, James, I downloaded the archive (*.zip) file. But, when I
unarchived it, about every 10-20th file asked if I should replace the
one that is already there. Also, it would appear that this archive was
setup for Windows, as every 10th file seems to thing that it wants to be
on the 'd:' drive.

So, now I have a dearchived file, with every 10-20th file in an unknown
state (was the replace supposed to happen, or should I have kept the
original file), also, there seems to be an extra directory called 'd:'.

Just in case you did not catch this, I am on a Linux box and I wonder if
this archive is useable?

Did I grab the wrong file?



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