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From "Larason, Timothy" <>
Subject Problem with forking in JUNIT->batchtest
Date Mon, 05 Nov 2001 15:59:33 GMT
Hello all...I have a quick question about the Junit optional task.

I have a build file that contains a call to the optional task JUnit.  On
my batchtest, I specified the "haltonerror" and the "haltonfailure"
attributes to be true, but for some reason the build doesn't halt if my
tests fail or have errors.  I did some tracing through the source code
for the optional task Junit, and found that the return codes returned
from my forked tests were always equal to 0, despite the fact that I
know the System.exit() returns with a 1 (println's work wonders).  This
is causing my build to think the tests succeeded because the check
against SUCCESS (0) always comes back true.  I'm running Ant 1.4.1, Java
HotSpot 1.3.0_02, RedHat Linux 7.0.  Anyone have any ideas how I can get
the correct return code to propogate through like its supposed to?

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