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From Andrew Close <>
Subject RE: VSSGET and labeling...
Date Thu, 29 Nov 2001 20:40:05 GMT
thank you for the reply john.

> Nevertheless, which
> version of VSS are you using?

VSS 6.0

> The problem is that if you create two labels
> separately, even if they have the same name, they
> won't be the same label
> item.  

so if i go into each file and individually label them
'2.0' i won't be able to get '2.0' because they really
aren't all labelled the same?  i have to do my
labelling at the project level?  
what if you want to limit the files that are released
in this particular build?  maybe we need to come up
with a new labelling standard...  

> Your best bet is to use a previous build and
> alter the files you've
> updated to use this older build label.  Note that
> you can only do this in
> VSS 6.0, not in 5.0 or earlier.

so i should label all my files '1.0' since that
worked?  i don't quite follow you.  or are you saying
i should manually create my build?  


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