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From Jeff Turner <>
Subject Re: [POLL] jakarta-ant-templates (Generic Ant-based project templates)
Date Thu, 22 Nov 2001 22:45:22 GMT
On Thu, Nov 22, 2001 at 04:31:23PM +0100, Rolf Katzenberger wrote:

> >When someone adopts and improves the 'no-frills' project at the expense
> >of some additional build.xml complexity, what happens? Can they submit
> >their modified build system?
> >
> >How about as a policy, we agree to accept *any* variation on an existing
> >build system, so long as it's differences/advantages/disadvantages are
> >documented. We then put it in a CVS branch. On the website, we have a
> >complete geneaology, so people can choose where on the
> >complexity:functionality axis they want to start from.
> Just depends how many maintainers such a project can attract. Assume a
> minor change in the no-frills root implying an avalanche of follow-up
> changes (e.g., renaming due to discovery of a truly ingenious naming
> scheme). Are we (i.e., not only you and me but all participants) able
> to maintain the genealogy tree or would we have to fear for dead
> branches that turn off users by their "outdated" characteristics?

That's the neat thing about CVS branching; you can easily merge changes
from the trunk into each branch. There should be no "outdated" entries.
Eg when 'jarfile', 'zipfile' etc finally get replaced with 'file' in Ant
1.5, we fix the trunk, update the branches and announce the upgrade.

> My suggestion would be: let's start with a branchless tree,
> incorporate small suggestions directly and make the addition of major
> variations depend on the existence of maintainers.

+1 to start with.. let's see how it works. So can I add "the build
system formerly known as Jeff's"? ;)

> >> - unforced Guru-style programming
> >?
> To head for showing off one's programming skills instead of investing
> e.g. two more lines to obtain a solution that can be understood and
> maintained also by others.

Aw. No 'obfuscated buildfile' competitions then? Oh well.. if you insist
;) Those nasty ant-devvers have made obfuscation hard already, with all
their 'declarative' and 'keep the core simple' talk..


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