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From "Jarzynka, Mark" <>
Subject Ant 1.4.1 & VAJ 3.5.3 & NetComponents 1.3.8 Question
Date Wed, 14 Nov 2001 20:20:51 GMT
		I'm trying to incorporate the FTP functionality from
NetComponents into Ant running under VAJ.  Ant seems to be working fine from
within VAJ, and the build.xml (which contains FTP instructions) that I am
executing works fine outside of VAJ.  Inside VAJ I get:

	 init: [echo]  ANT_HOME is C:\apps\jakarta-ant-1.4.1 main: BUILD
FAILED C:\apps\Jardev\Working\Ant\FTP Tests\build.xml:18: Could not create
task of type: ftp. Common solutions are to use taskdef to declare your task,
or, if this is an optional task, to put the optional.jar in the lib
directory of your ant installation (ANT_HOME). Total time: 0 seconds 

	The Build file is as follows:

	<!DOCTYPE project [<!ENTITY commonTargets SYSTEM
	<project name="FTP Experimental Build File" default="main"
	  <property environment="myEnv" />
	  <target name="init" >
	    <property name="commandLine.HostName" value=""
	    <property name="commandLine.UserID" value="markj" />
	    <property name="commandLine.Password" value="mimbar4ever" />
	    <property name="commandLine.RemoteDirectory"
value="/vol01/fn-apps/FtpTest" />
	    <echo message=" ANT_HOME is ${myEnv.ANT_HOME}" />

	  <target name="main" depends="init" description="- Ftp Test" >
	    <ftp server="${commandLine.HostName}"
	      <fileset dir="Code">
	        <include name="**/*.java"/>

	I followed the instructions with respect to installing ANT in VAJ.
The quandry is having it find the Netcomponents class files.  I tried
unjarring the optional.jar  & NetComponents.jar where I exported the ANT
files from VAJ -- no effect.  I've tried setting the ANT_HOME to point to my
ANT 1.4.1 distribution prior to invoking VAJ and ensuring that
Netcomponents.jar/optional.jar were in the lib directory -- no effect.  I've
also tried putting the Netcomponents.jar into the VAJ workspace classpath --
no effect.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  On a related note is
there a way through the VAJ-Ant interface to specify command line parms?

	Mark Jarzynka

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