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From Diane Holt <>
Subject Re: Is there a way to search a directory structure?
Date Wed, 14 Nov 2001 17:06:20 GMT
--- Alan Pearlman Spencer <> wrote:
> Can this type of thing work for searching a dir tree?
> I cant get it to work?
> I'm trying to search for a file anywhere in a dir tree and set a
> property if that is there.
> Like the available task, but I can't see how to get it to search a
> complete tree.
> I've tried:
> <available resource="my.file.txt" type="file" property="found">

The "resource" attribute is used when you're looking for something in a
jar-file. The "type" attribute is only valid when you've specified a file,
via the "file" attribute, as what you're looking for (and should check for
that and print an error -- my bad, so I'll fix that :)

>   <classpath>
>     <fileset dir="${search.root}">
>       <include name="**"/>
>       <exclude name="**/*.*"/>
>     </fileset>
>   </classpath>

The nested <classpath> is used when you've specified you're looking for
either a class or a resource, not when you're looking for a file (or

The documentation says you can use a nested <filepath> element when you're
looking for a file (or directory), but I can't get that to work, so either
I'm not doing it right, or there's a bug in how it's doing it (I'm leaning
towards that :)

For example, I tried:
  <target name="findFile">
    <available property="found" file="">
        <fileset dir=".">
          <include name="**"/>
    <echo message="found = ${found}"/>

Running this target with -verbose shows it recursively searching through
all the subdirs, so that's good -- but it looks like it's made the
filename it's looking for the full-path name, based on the basedir, so
even though the file exists several subdirectories down from basedir, it's
not going to match.

Even more unfortunately, though, I tried just 'touch'ing an in the
local directory, and it didn't find it there, either :(  Looks like some
debugging is in order.



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