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From Douglas WF Acheson <>
Subject HELP: WLS ejb building error again
Date Fri, 09 Nov 2001 17:41:40 GMT

  I have been trying to get the optional ant tak ejbjar to work for WLS
using MDBeans and it does not work :-(.  There are a number of things
that do not work.

  When it creates the initial jar file, say a-generic.jar it does not
include the required class files.  This then causes the ejbc to fail. 
How do I solve this problem.  I want the task to be automated I do not
what to have to specify each element of the jar file.  I was under the
impression that it was down auto-magically.

  The other errors that follow I believe are because this error. 
Please refer to other posts by me this morning.


Douglas WF Acheson

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