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From Andrew Spyker <>
Subject Problem with patternsets in ANT 1.4.1
Date Tue, 27 Nov 2001 18:57:07 GMT

I just moved my build from 1.3 to 1.4.1.  I am now seeing the following

If I have patternsets defined in the build.xml under build targets such

<copy todir="${dest.dir}">
  <fileset dir="${src.dir}">
    <patternset id="myproperties">
      <include name="**/*.properties"/>

I get the following error when the target runs:

"Overriding previous definition of reference to myproperties"

I don't have a patternset defined anywhere else in the same build.xml
with the same id, so I don't think I am redefining it.  I looked at the
ANT source and this didn't seem to make sense until I ran -debug.  From
the looks of it, the parser(??) goes through the file once before any
target it run an it calls addReference which then causes the second
addReference (when it actually does the target) to be log annoying.

I have temporarily worked around the problem by taking away the id=""
part, but I was wondering if this indicates an introduced bug as this
didn't happen with 1.3.

I searched bugzilla but didn't see anything.  Can someone confirm this
and them I'll open up a bug?

PS.  Apologize for duplicate post if there is one.  I haven't seen the
post from my other email address come through yet.

Andrew Spyker (
Software Engineer

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