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From Alex Khesin <>
Subject msft jvc compiler and bootclasspath
Date Fri, 09 Nov 2001 17:47:58 GMT
I am running and using 1.3 JRE, with build.compiler set to jvc (msft).  The
code that I am compiling is targeted to JRE 1.1.4 (for compatibility with
IE), so the javac task looks like so:
    <javac srcdir="src" destdir="classes"
      classpath="${classpath}" includeAntRuntime="no" target="1.1"/>

The problem I am running into is that there does not seem to be a clean way
to prevent 1.3 JRE classlibs from being passed to jvc, which is a bad thing
since the build does not catch when I use an API not available in JRE 1.1.

The source of the problem is in method which
explicitly sets includeJavaRuntime to true, which in turn transfers
classpath from runtime environment (JRE 1.3) to jvc.  I can see two ways of
solving it:

(1) add bootclasspath="." to javac task which prevents Jvc.execute from
setting includeJavaRuntime, but than the task does not work when I run in
with non-MSFT compilers

(2) remove includeJavaRuntime = true trick from Jvc.execute, since as far as
I know, jvc compiler figures out its bootclasspath by itself.

I've tried (2) and it seems to work, but I am wary of just leaving it in my
ant build since it was put there for a reason (which I do not understand).

Has anyone run into this problem and can suggest a better solution?


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