I'm new to Ant and would like to move our current Makefiles to Ant. I have a requirement to be able to include common properties and targets from a shared file.

In the archives&faq I have seen recommendations to use a command of the following syntax:

<!DOCTYPE project [<!ENTITY common SYSTEM "file:./common.xml">]>

Unfortunately for me I don't have a fixed location for the common.xml file. I need to use an environment variable to specify the location (i.e. something like: file:${SOME_DIR}/common.xml )and therefor the above doesn't work for me.

Using <property environment="ENV"/> I can access environment properties from a shared location but unfortunately not the common targets I need.

<property file="${ENV.DEVELOP_HOME}/tools/make/.antproperties"/>

Does anyone have some ideas? I saw someone mention the Jakarta-Taglibs project, but I could not see where any files made reference to the common.xml file ?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.