I create a build.xml and a batch file, call auto.bat, which set up classpath and call ant to run my build file.
in NT4, I use command : "at 00:00 /every:M,T,W,Th,F auto",  for test purpose, I simple use "at 10:00 auto" (suppose current machine time is 9:58), when machine reach 10:00, this job invoke(as I found it disppear in my scheduled job queue). In my build file, I delete a directory, checkout source from SourceSafe and compile, etc.
The job invoked, but  I can not check it running or not, anyway I found the directory which is hope to be deleted is still there, nothing happen.
I even put a option /interactive in the at command line, it looks the job runs at background, I can not catch the output of the build.
I do not know how to do that.
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Can you tell me what command you are typing and/or what schedule tool you are using? 
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i, All,
I wrote a batch file to run my build, I want to run it automatically at middle night at WINNT, I use at command to schedule a task, it does not work. The job is invoked but it looks not run my build, any idea ?