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From "Kyle Adams" <>
Subject EJB jar and unwanted files
Date Fri, 12 Oct 2001 14:05:44 GMT
We're finding that some unexpected classes are popping up in 
our EJB jars.  Ant's <ejbjar> task sucks in more classes then the old build system (using
make files, batch scripts and such) did.  The classpaths are the same, the deployment descriptors
are the same.  Has anyone seen something similair to this before?  It seems to be similair
to the following thread at
but I wasn't able to find enough info there to help me.

We're using Ant 1.4, Weblogic 5.1, service pack 10.  Here are the specifics:

Directory Structure:


The problem comes in that interfaces for EJB classes (which reside in the interfaces package)
were not included in the EBJ JAR under the old scripts (which utilized Weblogic's ejbc utility).
 Now (using Ant) they are getting pulled in, which causes problems since they are also included
in the WLS class path.  Is this a problem with our design, or a problem with Ant?  If it's
not a problem with Ant, why did Weblogic's ejbc utility not include these classes?


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