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From Timothy Shadel <>
Subject RE: Book on Ant
Date Fri, 05 Oct 2001 16:55:22 GMT
I want to know how to structure things like that.  We've setup some basic stuff (compile, deploy,
javadoc), but I'd like to learn more about how to setup build processes that will work for
several projects, and run most of the things talked about by Jim Jackl-Mochel (
- including tests, etc.).  I'd like to be able to have a common build process for most of
our projects that we can customize per project using properties files or some other mechanism.
 That way when we decide we need to add JAR signing (or something else we don't currently
do), then we don't have to edit the ANT files for 30+ projects.  So part of my interest is
in the technical side (how to set up the build.xml file(s), directory structure, properties
files, build listeners, etc.) for the stuff Jim Jackl-Mochel spoke of, and part of what I'd
like to know it how to logically setup a common build process for large projects (minimize
dependencies, design tasks that are orthogonal, ensure correct property setup at any entry
point, make it more clear where to add a step w/o breaking the flexibility setup by the first
few things in the list, make it easier to reuse ANT files, etc.).  I've seen some very good
responses to most of these things scattered throught the list, but a cohesive presentation
w/ pictures could really help.  Anyway, just some random musings.



>>> 10/05/01 09:42AM >>>
Having read the paper, we have implemented a build process that builds every
15 minutes.
This works very well for us. We integrate all the time. This coaxes us to
keep our changes short, refactor now rather than later. Ant is
indispensable. We use the amazing IDE from that integrates
IDEA. We have an automated build process running on Linux using shell
scripts and cron jobs that invokes Ant tasks.

Ant is really Another Neat Tool.

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From: Herry Koh [] 
Sent: Friday, October 05, 2001 9:47 AM
To:; '' 
Subject: RE: Book on Ant

I totally agree that Ant can be a very powerful tool in helping
companies and developers develop better designs, version control
and build process. I have seen a very good article on that as well at 

the paper on Continuous Integration which includes a very
interesting chapter on using Ant together with CVS and JUnit as
the company's build process.

I would believe that any books on Ant should include some
recommendations on the integration of Ant with project
development and management.

Just some thoughts....


On 3 Oct 2001, at 12:46, Bhadra, Jatin wrote:

> I think it is a very good idea to have a chapter that gives suggestions on
> designing projects and build process. I think as Java forces developers to
> write good code. ANT should forces developers to have better project
> version control of releases and build process.
> Basically the idea is that build should be automated end to end, From
> extraction from version control to deployment on application server or any
> target.
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> From: Jim Cheesman [] 
> Sent: 03 October 2001 08:07
> To: 
> Subject: Re: Book on Ant
> At 07:45 PM 02/10/01, you wrote:
> >Would the book be available free online?   Should be!
> Optimistically I'll agree with this ;)
> >Topics for must-have:
> >  - installation  (the jars to download).
> >  - property uses, file set uses.
> >  - example build files
> >  - build file architectures
> >  - ejb tasks
> >  - custom ant task development
> I'd add:
> Something a bit more abstract / less ant-specific about the build process,
> designing projects so that they can be built/managed easily. (For example,
> most of us on the list *know* that source and classes should be seperate,
> and that you build to a seperate directory: a fair number of the people I
> work with don't bother with this... and run into all sorts of problems as
> result.)
> A small chapter on make (as a comparison to ant) would be nice, too.
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