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From Terrence Martin <>
Subject Re: Ant/Sybase: java.sql.SQLException: JZ00L: Login failed.
Date Mon, 01 Oct 2001 22:12:50 GMT
This seems to be the problem. Our custom ant task was leaving connections
each time it was run. This eventualy exhasuted the available connections
to Sybase.

We did actually have a DBA change the setting, although changes to our
custom task reduced the need for DB connections substantially.

Thanks for the insight,



On Mon, 1 Oct 2001, Lutz Epperlein wrote:

> > java.sql.SQLException: JZ00L: Login failed
> >
> > Now this error does not occur immediately. In fact it often only
> > occurs after a large number of database queries have been sent. Also
> > if I run each section seperately for instance I can successfully get
> > through my loads.  However if I try to run them together I have
> > problems.
> >
> May be this is caused by a too small number of allowed user
> connections in Sybase database. I don't know how the connections
> are administrated in Ant, maybe after a task doesn't be happened a
> correct log out or aren't reused these connections correctly?
> You can test the number of allowed user connections via
> "sp_configure 'user conn'" . Use the same way to adjust this value
> "sp_configure 'user conn', 100".
> But since I doesn't use the SQL task this is only a guess. Please
> are carefully while changing such values, it should be done by
> database admin.
> Lutz E.

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