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From "George Phimister" <>
Subject Class-Path Attribute and Manifest
Date Wed, 24 Oct 2001 16:46:51 GMT

Dear all,

Being new to the list I hope this is appropriate.

As part of my build I am including third party jars that I include in the MANIFEST file as
a Class-Path entry. However when I build the jar with ant, there is a new entry Created-By
: Ant version. I am happy with the Created-By attribute but my jars are no longer found.

To fix this I have done two things:
One is to change the merge Method in and rebuild ant version 1.5alpha so that
the Created-By attribute does not get added. This works but is a nasty hack for myself. The
hack just does not merge the files and takes my MANIFEST only.

The other thing I did was a jar -umf  <My Jar> and this also worked on the jar files

I believe that the problem may not be due to the merge and Created-By attribute but too many
lines at the end of the MANIFEST file. If anyone does have this working please say so, and
I will put the brain back in gear.


P.S. Shame Manifest isn't xml


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