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Subject Re: Ant 1.4, IBM WebSphere ClassLoader , DB2 driver, UnsatisfiedLinkError
Date Tue, 23 Oct 2001 19:49:29 GMT
What seems to be happening is that the pure Java part of the DB2 driver is 
being loaded in several classloader namespaces. However, the DB2 driver 
also has a native JNI part in db2jdbc.dll and all such libraries can only 
be loaded once in a JVM. A known issue with classloaders.

To work around this you can either try to get a pure Java  (type #... 
forget it now) JDBC  driver or better yet ensure that the driver class is 
loaded by the classloader that will be the parent of all classloaders that 
load your logic. Try application classloader (-classpath) or even 
extension classloader (use an extension directory), although the latter 
can be tricky at times. You need to be familiar with how classloaders work 
in general and in Websphere to accomplish this.

Which WAS version is this? The classloader architecture was changed in 


Please respond to

Subject:        Ant 1.4, IBM WebSphere ClassLoader , DB2 driver, UnsatisfiedLinkError

Hi !

I currently work on a projekt, where we use IBM
WebSphere app server, commerce server, AND PORTAL

For portlet deployment, I write some Ant scripts for

BUT BUT BUT, I have the following error:

(This mean that the WebSphere ClassLoader has already
loaded the DB2 JDBC driver ??)

java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: Native Library
D:\WebSphere\sqllib\bin\db2jdbc.dll already loaded in
 another classloader

Thanks for the help

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