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Subject Re: FTP again
Date Wed, 10 Oct 2001 11:36:51 GMT
Hi Dhirendra,

Before trying the ant task you must make sure that FTP runs from the 
command prompt using the same parameters that you are supplying to the ftp 
task in ant build script. The ftp task is a kind of "wrapper" provided by 
Ant for FTPing and will not work if conventional FTP does not work given 
identical credentials in both cases.

Are you able to ftp to using conventional ftp program?
Kapil Singh Pawar
Consultant - Integration
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Bangalore 560 025, INDIA
Tel: +91 80 558 1487-90 ext. 2416

"Dhirendra Kulkarni" <>
10/10/01 10:54 AM
Please respond to ant-user

        To:     <>
        Subject:        FTP again

Hello all, Iam sorry to post this again as Iam still ot clear about this
task. my revised xml is as below

<target >
    <ftp server=""
    <fileset dir="." >
      <include name="aaa.doc"/>

i could login to ftp server, btw now iam getting error  :
C:\ant\jakarta-ant-1.3\build.xml:23: could not change remote directory: 
Requested directory not found .

Here is name of my pc where argo ftp server is installed 
in that i have created wtadmin user. but now iam not been able to connect 
remote machine and transfer the file. (i tried giving the ip of remote
machine in ftp server user properties)

First of all can this be possible? ( to transfer files from one machine to
other machine both with NT  and in LAN )

eagarly waiting for the reply

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From: Dhirendra Kulkarni <>
To: <>
Cc: <>
Sent: Tuesday, October 09, 2001 3:08 PM
Subject: Re: FTP

> Hi Iam trying to put some files in remote machine which is in LAN to my
> machine using FTP task of Ant, I am not able to understand how to use 
> task, My xml reads as below
>  <target name="transfer" depends="main">
>     <ftp server=""
>        remotedir="incoming"
>        userid="anonymous"
>        password=""
>        depends="yes"
>     >
>     <fileset dir="./samples" >
>       <include name="*.doc"/>
>     </fileset>
>     </ftp>
>   </target>
> iam getting error: C:\ant\jakarta-ant-1.3\build.xml:21: error during FTP
> transfer:
> Exception: Connection refused: no further information
> Here pl clarify certain things:
> 1.where are we saying that to which remote machine we are connecting ( 
> are mentioning ftp server and no remote m/c ip)
> 2. where are these userid and password are created
> Thanks
> DK

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