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Subject Question on wildcard
Date Thu, 25 Oct 2001 14:46:13 GMT

I am in the process of converting one Imakefile to Ant. I have not been 
able to convert the following line in that Imakefile to Ant:

        @echo "$(JDK_ROOT)/bin/javac -classpath \"$(RELEASED_CLASS_PATH)\" 
$(wildcard *.java)" > compile.cmd
This statement above basically creates a script that can in turn be used 
to compile some java files. The directory in which this Imakefile is 
present has some java filesthe number of which changes from time to time. 
So this script, basically compiles all the java files in the given 
directory together in one statement. The script 'command.cmd' generated 
basically has space-seperated java files substituted for $(wildcard 

I have not been able to figure out how to create the equivalent of this in 
Ant. Please let me know how to convert this.



P.S: I attempted the following equivalent but it gives a colon-seperated 
list of java files

<path id="java.path">
        <fileset dir="SampleTests">
        <include name="*.java"/>
        <property name="wildcard" refid="java.path"> 
        <echo file="compile.cmd" message="javac -classpath 
${RELEASED_CLASS_PATH} ${wildcard}"/>

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