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From "Shawn Swart" <>
Subject RE: SourceOffSite and Ant VSS Tasks
Date Mon, 22 Oct 2001 17:44:48 GMT

	We use SoS on our unix machines and use ant to check out code.  We took
something of the brute force approach but it works.  This is the target we
have defined to do checkouts for us on the unix machine.

   <target name="checkout" depends="init, prepare">
	   <exec dir="." executable="soscmd" os="Linux">
      	 <arg line="-command GetProject -server gaja.lab.x.x:80 -name
user -password pword -database
d:\\progra~1\\micros~1\\vss\\srcsafe.ini -project $/Project_Name -recursive"

	We didn't try to use the VSS tasks since the above worked well for us.  You
could put some os checks in to determine if you are on Win or Unix.  This
way your fetch targets should still work.  The only problem with the above
is it gets everything even if the file didn't change.  I am sure there is a
parameter to only get changes.


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From: Matt Lyon []
Sent: Monday, October 22, 2001 1:09 PM
To: Ant-User (E-mail)
Subject: SourceOffSite and Ant VSS Tasks


We use shell scripts that wrap SourceOffSite functionality to get source
code from VSS to our Unix development nodes. Does anyone have any
experience with getting Ant's Optional VSS Tasks to play nice with SoS?
It would be awesome if I could just drop the build.xml off on the Unix
node and have my fetch target still work with SourceOffSite, but I
suspect that this is a tad pollyanna-ish of me. The alternatives are to
purchase the Unix Client for VSS or to write a shell script (e.g.
'')  to wrap SoS commands and write an Ant <exec/> task to
call it. Looking at some similar scripts that some of my colleagues have
already coded, it appears that the SourceOffSite CLI is pretty much a
wrapper for the VSS CLI, so I am just curious if anyone on the list has
any experience or insight they could share with regard to Ant's optional
VSS Tasks and SourceOffSite.



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