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From "Gary Keim" <>
Subject RE: error in finding weblogic.Home
Date Fri, 12 Oct 2001 18:31:04 GMT
The class weblogic.Home is used for determining the root of the WLS
installation without requiring the user to set a system property for that
purpose.  It only works if you leave the archive (weblogic.jar) in its
original location.

Our entity container-managed persistence needs to determine weblogic.home so
it can try to load 3rdparty implementations, like TopLink.

You should leave weblogic.jar were it belongs.  In general, you shouldn't
expect to be able to selectively move/remove pieces of an application suite
without trouble.

-----Original Message-----
From: Mohit Sehgal []
Sent: Friday, October 12, 2001 11:18 AM
Subject: Re: error in finding weblogic.Home

The error I thought points to a weblogic.Home class and not an environment
Also from the fact that only weblogic.jar is causing the error I am unable
to understand why putting ' ant -Dweblogic.home="/weblogic6.1" ' would do
the trick.
Also why is it required only for entity beans and not for session beans.

Gary Keim wrote:

> ant -Dweblogic.home="/weblogic6.1"
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Mohit Sehgal []
> Sent: Friday, October 12, 2001 6:13 AM
> To:
> Subject: error in finding weblogic.Home
> Hi,
> I am using Ant 1.3 and trying to compile couple of entity beans (toplink
> cmp) into a single jar file. Small portion of my code for 'ejbc target'
> in build.xml looks like
>  <target name="ejbc" depends="compile,prepareTempEJBDir">
>   <ejbjar srcdir="${build.classes.dir}"
>         descriptordir="${ejb.deployment.descriptor.dir.ejb11}" >
>    <dtd publicId="${dtd.ejb.descriptor.publicId11}"
> location="${dtd.ejb.descriptor.location11}" />
>     <dtd publicId="${dtd.weblogic.ejb.descriptor.publicId}"
> location="${dtd.weblogic.ejb.descriptor.location}" />
>    <weblogictoplink    destdir="${weblogic.ejbjars.temp.dir.ejbs}"
>         newCMP="true"
>         keepgeneric="false"
> toplinkdescriptor="BeanName-toplink-cmp-jar.xml"
> toplinkdtd="file:/${dtd.toplink.descriptor.location}" />
>    <classpath refid="ejbjar.classpath" />
>     <support dir="${build.classes.dir}" >
>                   <include name="**/SomeFinderHelper.class"/>
>      </support>
>    <include name="**/*-ejb-jar.xml"/>
>    <exclude name="**/*-weblogic*.xml"/>
>   </ejbjar>
> </target>
> I get the following error message on NT and Solaris
>      [ejbc]
>      [ejbc] ERROR: Error from ejbc: error in finding weblogic.Home
>      [ejbc] ERROR: ejbc found errors
>      [ejbc] Java Result: 1
> weblogic.Home is a class file in weblogic.jar.
> Due to some requirements, I have copied weblogic.jar in some path OTHER
> than /weblogic6.1/lib (this is defined as part of
>  <classpath refid="ejbjar.classpath" /> in the above code snippet) .
> The error message is created only if I do NOT use /Weblogic6.1/lib for
> weblogic.jar.
> But if I give tell ejbc to pick up the weblogic.jar from
> /Weblogic6.1/lib, this error disappears.
> Another point which I am unable to understand is that this happens only
> for entity beans and not for session beans.
> ejbc for session beans go through correctly.
> Can anyone suggest what I might be doing incorrectly?
> Thanks
> Mohit

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