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From "Jason Rogers" <>
Subject RE: Looking for Ant references/examples
Date Fri, 05 Oct 2001 17:43:41 GMT
    > Ok here it comes.
    > 1. I want one buildfile which is on a central place
    >    which I can use for each package. Not one buildfile
    >    in each folder. So I just have to maintain one
    > file.

Take the following for example:

      \__src           all the source for the distributed project
      \__lib           External libraries needed
      \__build         where my build will build to
         \__classes    compiled classes from the <javac> task
         \__lib        jars from the <jar> task
      \__docs          any sort of documentation you want
         \__manuals    non-generated docs (?)
         \__javadoc    generated docs
      \__samples       sample applications for the system
      \__tests         unit and acceptance tests
At ProjectFoo place your build.xml (or whatever you want to call it).  It
will be written in such a way as that it will build and package everything
within it properly.  One build file, several packages.  Yes?
    > 2. A buildfile which compiles the whole application
    >    down from com. But this one should exlude all 
    >    folders named test and junit.

I like to split my tests out from my source.  So, the attached build file
will represent that.

    > 3. How to automate testing with JUnit.

I am not sure of this.  We do our automated testing within VAJ.  Anyone else
want to chime in?


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