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Subject RE: FTP
Date Fri, 12 Oct 2001 09:54:05 GMT

It sounds more like the FTP server isn't quite right, rather than ANT.
Those examples should work (I've pointed them at two different FTP servers
and they work fine).

>  <target name="upload" >
>       <echo message="Uploading contents of C:\Temp to remote directory
>            /ftptest on ftpserver"/>
>       <ftp server="" remotedir="/ftptest" 
> userid="wtadmin"
>            password="wtadmin" binary="yes" action="put" verbose="yes">
>            <fileset dir="C:\Temp">
>               <include name="**/*.*"/>
>            </fileset>
>       </ftp>
>   </target>

This should use remotedir attribute to point to the remote FTP directory
/ftptest, and upload everything from C:\Temp.

It could either be a permissions thing on the FTP server (you may not be
allowed to view that particular directory) or its mapped wrong.  Apart from
that I have no further suggestions as to what it could be.



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